The Only Username You Will Ever Need To Represent All Your Online Identities.

100% Owned by You, Secured on the Polygon Blockchain.

Own 100% of your Digital Presence. Make the most out of your "Link in BIO".

Own It
Own it on the blockchain. Transfer and sell it whenever you want.
Let your audience engage with all your links and digital assets.
Get Paid On Every Mint
Get paid immediately every time your audience mints its U3.
Edit It
Feel free to edit it as you prefer, customizing your online presence.

The first 500 U3 NFTs to mint will be the OGs.

Become a U3 OG by own one of the first 500 U3 NFTs to be minted.

OGs have access to Beta Premium features, various perks and higher future airdrops.

All Your Links & NFTs together in a single page OWNED 100% by you.

Let your audience know where to find all your content.

Link your Instagram, Twitter, OnlyFans or any other website you want.

Use it anywhere.

Use it anywhere. It can be you unique LINK IN BIO or you can add it to your business card.

There are no limits, you can post it wherever you want and nobody will ever be able to censure its content.

Earn Instant MATIC Commissions.

Since you OWN your link, every time someone clicks on it and mints his/her U3, you'll get paid instantly on your MATIC Address.

Web3 is about freedom and ownership. We want all the community to profit from their U3s.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Username That Allows Your Audience To Access All Your Online Presence