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How to claim your Username3

Claiming your Username3 is simpler than it may seem at first. In this guide we will show you all the steps needed to successfully claim your Username3 NFT. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrencies we will also show you how to create your MATIC address.


First of all you need to download/install Metamask

Go to MetaMask.io and click the “Download” button, which will take you to the relevant store to download the extension or app based on the device and browser you’re using.

For convenience we will show you how to do the entire process on iOS (Apple). It's pretty much the same on Android.

The icon/logo looks like the one below ⬇️


As soon as the App is downloaded on your Smartphone, you need to create your wallet. To do so, just follow the on-screen instructions. Once the wallet is created, follow the rest of the instructions on this page.

(NOTE: during the creation of the wallet, a seed phrase will be provided. Be sure to store that seed phrase safely and to not share it with anyone).


Now that you have created your Wallet, you need to add the Polygon Network to your Metamask.

To do so, you just need to follow the below screenshots. Just press where the red cirle is.

Click on the menu on the top left.

Select "settings", then "networks". Click on "add network".

Chose "Polygon Mainet", then "ADD". You need to approve the settings in the pop-up.

On the next pop-up it will ask a confirmation to "switch network", approve it.

At this point you need to add funds to your wallet.

If you already have funds on another wallet or exchange you can just click on "receive" and you will see the wallet address. If you don't have funds on exchanges, just follow the below instructions.

In order to buy MATIC you can click on the coin (MATIC), then on buy.

In the next popup it will ask you whether you wish to pay with Apple/Google Pay or with a Debit/Credit Card. We recommend you to use Apple/Google Pay since it's faster. In case you can just use a card.

"Continue" and on the next page select the amount. For the examples we enter $30 but we recommend to add at least 20% more than the amount you plan to spend. Also consider market fluctuations.

It will ask you to chose "Moonpay". Depending on your country it could use another provider. Continue, enter your email and then the verification code.

Generally, it could be different on screen depending on your country and phone. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Click on "buy with Apple Pay".

"Confirm Order" and then "Confirm the Payment with your Apple/Google Pay code/face recognition".

Just wait for the money to show up.


Now that you have the funds on your Wallet, it's almost done.

On the left menu just click on "BROWSER".

As soon as the MINT OPENS, you will be able to enter the Username3.com web address in the search bar.

Once on the website, just click on the button: "MINT NOW".

Connect your MATIC address, enter the Username3 (one or multiples) you want to mint and follow the instructions to mint them.

The process is pretty simple and straight forward.


Now that you have minted yours, just add your links to it.

Also add your u3.to/YOURUSERNAME3 link to your Link in Bio and record a story, publish a post and make the world know about what you just secured: YOUR WEB3 USERNAME!

Remember, every time people will click on your Link in BIO and mint their NFT, you will get 50% commission paid instantly to your MATIC Address.